Weeeelllllll , My name is Destiny . Hi ! I’m 21 years old . I like to cook, workout, sing(not to loudly), meditate & anything that keeps the mind and body relaxed. I currently live in a home that makes me fear for my protection, hence why my need to move. I try to keep to myself a lot and I have a bit of a shell , but once I open up , be prepared for the firecracker personality to come out . I’m all about respect , fun & relaxation.

Roommate Perk

I love to cook, & I actually wash the dishes when I’m done. If we live together most likely you’re going to be treated like family. Need some to talk too? I’m your girl. Need a friend ? I’m your girl. Just need a roommate that’ll pay on time ? I’m your girl . I clean after myself , I listen ,and I try to find solutions for mainly any problem . Some days I’m never in the house so maybe one less person at a time , but there’s those days where I won’t leave my room .

Ideal roommate

I don’t judge of any gender, sexual orientation, or background. Age isn’t a huge deal breaker , but ideal roommates aged 20-30. Also just basic respect given to each other to all parties living with each other .h

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