Hi, my name is Emmy. I was born and raised in NYC and love to read and watch movies. I like to keep to myself but I am sociable and get along well with others. I work for an financial company as an insurance claim processor. My absolute favorite thing to do is going on road trips. I love taking long weekends and visiting new places.

Roommate Perk

My perk is that I love putting things together and fixing-things-up. I’m great with DIYs and fixing things (or upgrading them). So if you need help putting furniture together or mounting something, I’m your girl!

Ideal roommate

I am ok with a mix of roommates and the only deal breaker is to that the common areas are maintained clean. Loud music or visitors don’t bother me.
The ideal roommate would be someone who is considerate and does not leave things laying around in the common areas.

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