Hi my name is Edwin! I currently work at NewYork-Presbyterian hospital for over 15 years as a Reproductive Health Educator facilitating HIV and Pregnancy Prevention classes for adolescents from the age of 14-21 years of age. I have been a Master Barber/Stylist as well for over 23 years where I also work on weekends to service my long time clients as well as use it for my therapeutic hobby. I am approaching my last semester in Graduate School, where I am pursuing a Master Degree in Public Health (MPH) in hopes to concentrate in Health Policy in Management at NYPH. I am a very down to earth person, respect people’s privacy and enjoy meeting new people. I was born and raised in Washington Heights but my family is originally from the Dominican Republic. So I love this neighborhood!

Roommate Perk

I believe my Roommate Perk would be that I am extremely clean and want to make sure that everyone’s boundaries are mutually respected to be able to maintain a peaceful living environment.  I am very friendly and considerate of other roommates personal space. I am a good listener and communicator.

Ideal roommate

I love a roommate that is also down to earth, open to a conversation and that has a good sense of humor. Gender or preferences is not an issue with me. Just someone responsible and willing to be flexible with overall roommate house policies. I don’t mind guests over

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