I’m moving to NYC to start working at a dermatology office in Soho and do skin cancer research in Midtown. In the past 5 years I’ve taken time off school, traveled around the world, worked for the UN, built a school in Sudan, interned at a fashion company in Italy very similar to Devil Wears Prada (ill tell you all about that over a bottle of wine one day), and fallen in love with a guy that lives across the world (4 years later and we’re still together!). That’s all to say that I love a good adventure and staying active in the pursuit of happiness! I live my life very whimsically with a certain joie de vivre and will probably talk your ear off at some point about some nostalgic story. But I also totally understand boundaries and very mindful of people’s space, privacy, and need for chill space. Although I love to go out and explore the city, I really want to create a beautiful home filled with kind memories and pretty furniture. If you’re looking for a roommate to be your friend in this wild city then we’ll be a match for sure.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommate perk is that I actually really do love to clean. It’s very therapeutic for me! And I make great cocktails!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is female, very clean and neat, cares about a beautiful home decor, doesn’t bring the party home, and enjoys a glass of wine and home cooking. Oh also my boyfriend lives in Switzerland but will probably visited every 1.5 months and stay for a week. So hopefully my roommate is ok with that!

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