From Palm Beach, Florida so I’m extremely relaxed and easy going. I work for a company called Seaman Schepps which sells high end jewelry and I manage all the advertising and marketing for the company. I would want people who would go to happy hour with me and then dinner as well as have a wine/chill night in watching shows. I play the viola and used to compete in middle school and high school however now I’ve switched it to my hobby. (No need to worry about me practicing at horrible hours)

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I love to cook and I’m very good at baking. I’m a great listener for when people need a shoulder to lean on. I would rather talk things out as to avoid tension in any scenario.

Ideal roommate

I would want someone down to relax with as well as go to the bar next door and enjoy a drink with. As well as have a nice night in. I would want the common areas to be clean and don’t want any messes especially smelly ones. Someone who likes to enjoy life but not bring the party home at 4:00am. To be considerate of me at all hours as I would be to them.

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