I’m 24 i’m originally from upstate ny (rochester) and i went to college/lived in nyc for 6 years. moved home bc pandemic and decided to completely change my career goals. i went to cosmetology (beauty) school and graduated a month ago! i am moving back to nyc to start my life as a hairdresser. i will be working at 2 salons & freelancing so i will be suuuuuper busy! i love theater, tv, music, meeting new people, finding new places to eat, cooking, and exploring the city!
as a roommate i’m pretty chill all is ask is open communication! i love to have friends over and be silly and watch movies; but i respect if you want quiet and need to keep a schedule. working in beauty it’s not a 9-5 so my hours are a bit later so i am up late! i love to be social, but then i need a few days of chill to recharge. i’m ready to hustle my way into my new career and work on becoming a boss lady!

Roommate Perk

i love beauty and have soooo much makeup/hair/nail stuff! i do hair makeup and nails so i will love to practice on you and your friends! i love to have some live in models! also i have been told i’m super easy to get along with!

Ideal roommate

i don’t have any real deal breakers — just please fill the brita filter!, open to all genders and gender identity

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