Pronouns: she/her. Age: 24. I am from Ohio and moved to Texas to work in HR after college, but I was laid off because of COVID-19. Shortly after being laid off, I moved to DC to live with my sister for a bit until I accepted a job as a Merchandise Assistant in NYC (hence why I’m moving :]). It’s always been a dream of mine to live in NYC and work in fashion/retail, so I am very excited for this next chapter in my life!! In my free time, I love to sew my own clothes (yay slow fashion!!!), thrift shop, watch tiktoks, do puzzles, have lazy movie/TV marathon days, explore new things, hang out with friends, bar hop, karaoke, and really just have a good time – I’m usually down for anything tbh. I am a social person, but my social meter can fill up, so I may spend an entire day in my room sewing and be ready to go out and dance the next night. I have a 2-year-old cat named Nellie who will be moving with me. She is an absolute sweetheart, but she’s shy at first, so don’t take that as a bad sign!

Roommate Perk

I love sewing and styling, so I can help style your closet, mend your clothes, and teach you how to make your own clothing 🙂

Ideal roommate

Prefer girls, but I’m also okay with a mix of gender identities. I’d love to become friends with my roommates, so I’m looking for people who are respectful, open-minded, spontaneous, and fun! I’m also looking for people who like cats, since my cat will be moving with me. I try to keep a clean space in common areas (my room may be untidy at times), and I expect the same from my roommates. I am totally open to having shared chores/a chore schedule. I also appreciate open communication – I want you to tell me when my behaviors need to change. I also want to make the space homey and cozy (on a budget and sustainably, if possible!), so get ready to transport Facebook Marketplace furniture finds with me 🙂

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