I am from Rochester, NY but moving down to NYC for a new job. I will be working in the sales/marketing department for the Hyatt on 5th Avenue. I have a few years of operational hotel experience back in Rochester, but decided to take a break from that and travel over the past 5 months. In my free time I love to try new restaurants, explore, be adventurous, and be outside. I also love photography, reading, and binge watching pretty much any genre! I also love to hang out with friends, but have chill nights too!

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I am always down for a good wine night and “vent sesh”. I am a good listener, but also looking for someone who will want to do the same with me! I also love to stay in and make food, play games, do a puzzle, watch a show together, etc.!

Ideal roommate

I would like to live with someone who wants to be friends, easy to talk to, and wants do things with on evenings and weekends, but also is respectful of alone time and space too. I am open to any ethnicity, race, gender, and sexual orientation! I am also open to small and well trained pets, though I don’t have one myself (may want something in the future). I do not smoke or do drugs and would prefer someone the same in this regard. I also try to keep clean and would prefer someone the same (though I am understanding of a busy schedule and the occasional dish or two left for later in the sink).

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