I was born and raised in Nigeria, moved to the USA to complete the remaining 2 years of high school. I just graduated from Columbia University and I am starting my masters at NYU in the Fall. I played college basketball, I love sports, music, movies, and food. I enjoy conversations with strangers because I like to learn from people. I can be very reserved but once you get to know me, you’ll find it hard getting me to shut up lol.

Roommate Perk

I just like clean and respectful people. I am willing to share my stuff as long as you take care of them. Let me know up front if you are gonna need something and just keep it real with me. I don’t mind music or visitors. There’ll be times when I might go away for days, I’ll always let my plans be known. I expect my roommate to do the same.

Ideal roommate

Any gender is welcome. Just please take care of yourself and your surroundings and let me know if you’re gonna have a party or whatever. Im fine with most things as long as we discuss before hand!

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