I am singer, actor and voice over artist! I love playing D&D (forever DM) and just creating new and fantastic stories. I do not have pets, but I am totally fine with literally any kind of pet. I used to even have pet mice, and my brother used to have a bearded dragon. I am a bigger guy, but I am clean. If I do have a mess, it’s only in my room.

Roommate Perk

I always love just being that person people can vent to. If you are an actor, I will help with self tapes! If you need help with cooking, I will help! I am always looking for things we need for the apartment (Trash bags, cleaning supplies, etc.) and will always try to get them on the way back from work if need be.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is one who respects privacy, but also is supportive in other activities. I am not one to party all the time, but I will gladly help with one. Roommates can be any gender, I do not mind. People can smoke, drink, and have animals, just as long as you clean up after yourselves!

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