Hi there! My name is Eric and I’m a (soon-to-be) 22 y/o moving to New York to start a new full-time job at an educational technology company. I grew up on the Eastern Shore in Maryland, went to middle school and high school in Ohio, and went back to Maryland to graduate college with a Bachelor’s in Marketing.

I’m a pretty chill guy who’s clean and has a wide range of nerdy hobbies. I love playing video games and board games, watching football and anime, reading fantasy books, and going to the gym. You can find my after work usually relaxing with a book or playing a game!

My favorite kinds of food are pasta and Chinese, although the extent of my cooking skills stops at throwing chicken into the oven. I LOVE sweets and chocolate — ice cream is one of my favorite cheat foods at there.

Favorite Books:
– The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson
– The Kingkiller Chronicle Series by Patrick Rothfuss
– Fitz & the Fool series by Robin Hobb

Favorite Sports Teams:
– Patriots (dad was born in Boston — don’t hate me!) and Browns (was in the Midwest for 7 years!)
– Celtics
– Red Sox

Favorite Anime/Manga:
– One Piece
– Hunter x Hunter
– Boku no Hero
– Re: Zero
– Konosuba
– MANY more

Games I’m playing at the moment:
– League of Legends
– Persona 5
– Borderlands 2
– MK11*

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is Clean, good listener, at work all the time, doesn’t party late at night, doesn’t drink/smoke, loves video games, down to talk shit about football or anime, and I’m always ready to play a board game. Would love to explore the city and go out for dinner every now and then!

Ideal roommate

Gender: Male preferred, but open to female if we get along/match well enough.

Age: Would prefer a roommate to be in their 20s. The closer to 22 the better, but not a huge deal.

Personality: I’m an introvert, personally, so the way I wind down is going to my room after work. That being said, for a roommate, I’d like to have an amicable relationship at the least where we get along and can occasionally do things! I’d love to explore the city here and there and chill out in the apartment with games. I’m not a guy who will go out to the bars at night, and I’m not interested in people who bring the party or tons of friends back to the apartment. Kind of a vague description, but I guess I’m interested in someone who will keep it quiet at night past 10pm or so.

Cleanliness: I consider myself pretty clean, but not overly anal about things. I’m looking for a roommate who won’t leave their dishes in the sink and knows how to clean up common areas after themselves. So cleaning up counters/tables after eating would be necessary! I’d be interested in setting up a schedule to decide when to vacuum and clean the bathroom. This is important to me!

Dealbreakers: I’m fine with a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend staying over every now and then, but I really don’t want someone always at the house that doesn’t live there.

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