I am a 23 male (he/him) grew up in California and have been living in NYC for about 5 years, I work at a restaurant West 84th street. On my free time I either study, play video games or, listen to music, I taught myself to produce the past 3 years and will noodle around with personal music (with headphones) once in a while. After the pandemic I decided to switch my career path to be more into programming/ Computer Science and am currently studying that online. I don’t own any pets, nor do I smoke or drink.

Roommate Perk

I enjoy understanding people around me and love learning anything there is about someone, I’m a good listener love solving problems and am very mutable. I keep clean after myself and hope to cook large portions for roomies at different times of the week. I will be working two jobs so I will probably be home less than usual. I tend to be a heavy sleeper as well and I never snore.

Ideal roommate

I don’t mind any gender as long as they are respectful chill people. I only mind smoking and drinking if it begins to affect living, with hygiene, or odors etc. I don’t mind guests as long as they’re respectful and not too rowdy. It’s a bonus if the roommate is very clean, but I don’t mind if they aren’t perfect, it can be hard to keep up, but as long as they take handle of their business, everything will be fine.

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