I am from Westchester county, I am currently working as a visitor services associate at the Cathedral of St. John The Divine and am a front desk assistant at a sensory deprivation floatation center. I am interested in visual art (painting, printmaking) and sell my work on the side. I also play instruments like harp, violin, and piano. I enjoy going to see live music. I will not be bringing any pets with me but I am an animal person.

Roommate Perk

I am very calm, friendly, mindful, and unobtrusive. I am easygoing and have a sense of humor.

Ideal roommate

I prefer females but am not opposed to co-ed, as long as it is someone who is easygoing, friendly, respects boundaries, open to communication. I like other creative people, those who are interested in the arts, music, writing, etc. Dealbreakers are anyone who is consistently overly loud at night, significant others staying for long periods and not being respectful (I’m not against overnight guests, but there are boundaries), or anything that makes the apartment feel like a less safe/secure place to come home to.

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