Hi I’m Evelyn! I am a Russian/Middle Eastern Mix (So that basically means I come from a background of really good food). I am a senior in business school and I also work in an up and coming Cyber Security firm in Manhattan. I am a self taught baker who specialized in custom dairy free sweets (so my roommates will be taste testing a lot of my goodies). I plan on attending culinary school after I graduate from business school. As you can probably tell I keep busy most of the time but I am very clean and organized. I have a soft spot for a beautifully decorated and smartly organized spaces. I also have a small pupper, named Leo. He loves people and is down to chill with me by the TV on a night in. I am usually out an about between work, school, workouts and helping out family, but when I’m home I’m usually in the kitchen whippin up something to share.

Roommate Perk

My #roommateperk is that I am always sharing. Whether its food I’m cooking, advice on an issue you may have, or simply how to style an outfit. I respect peoples personal space but also love to sit down with a beer or a wine and have a nice conversation. I am very open to meeting new people. I would love to become friends with my roommates and have an overall good time living together.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be female, clean, organized, minimalistic, animal loving, and a Foodie (both love to cook and to eat). I would love to split chores with my roommate and keep our shared spaces clean all the time. I understand that sometimes life gets out of hand it may be hard to keep a space clean, but as long as it’s cleaned within a day or two I don’t mind. I would like to become friends with my roommate and share more than just a living space together. At the end of the day my perfect roommate would be someone who is caring, kind, animal loving and open to new experiences and adventurous.

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