I am a freelance contractor and transcriptionist from Spain, and I like to read or practice foreign languages for fun. I don’t have social media accounts, only Whatsapp to keep in touch with my friends in Europe. I don’t have a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account. I’ve had negative experiences with social media and prefer to steer clear.

Roommate Perk

I like to keep a clean and tidy space; dirty spaces are a pet peeve.
I am a friendly person ( in the European sense), but I am not the kind of person who likes to hug and kiss people. I get along quite well with people who are respectful and know-how set boundaries.

Ideal roommate

In terms of gender for an ideal roommate, I’d prefer if they were female, but I have no preference. As long as they are clean and respectful, I mind my own business, and they mind their own business.

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