Hi, I’m Fiona! My friends call me Yona 🙂 I’m about to turn 26, my pronouns are they/them, and I’m your aspiring cool gay aunt, originally from Seattle, WA! I’m an actor, and I have multiple part time jobs like so many New York actors do, so I’m out of the house during the daytime 5-6 days a week. When I am home, I keep it pretty chill (listening to music, cooking, reading), but I thrive in a house with multiple people going about their own days! I have a green thumb, I’ll take care of your pets if you’re out of town, and I love to cook for others! I like hosting and hanging out with friends at home, and don’t mind other friends and guests coming over as well!

Roommate Perk

was a barista for 5 years and have an espresso machine!! and would love to make you a coffee 🙂 I enjoy cooking household meals, I am Covid-conscious, I keep my space tidy and don’t leave messes in common spaces, I can sleep through almost anything! If you need help with plants or pets, I can help you figure it out! I’ll read your tarot and horoscope, I can be your outfit consultant and Instagram photo taking roomie 🙂

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is kind, friendly, a member of the queer community or an ally, and takes care of common spaces. I prefer open communication and taking care of household issues asap, and splitting responsibilities fairly!

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