I was born in Chicago but moved to Texas with my family when I was 10. I love Dallas and the community I have here, but at this point in my life I really want to experience the crazy city life! My parents are immigrants from Pakistan so I’m very accustomed to the Pakistani culture! I will be working as a financial statement auditor in public accounting which consists of really long hours + weekends from Jan – May so will be busy and at the office a lot at that time. Other than that, I like to think I’m a pretty easygoing and fun person. I love exploring NYC and am so excited to do that once I move there! I’m always up for an adventure but also down for Netflix and pizza nights at the apartment (I eat a lot of pizza). I love to travel also and take in the cultures and traditions of different cities and cultures. Although I am adventurous, I can also be really lazy some days and like to chill and relax. I’d love to be friends with my roommate(s) but also will respect their personal space and be down to do my own thing.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommate perk is that I’m a great listener and love really getting to know people. If you have any relationship, family, work issues, I’m sorry, BUT I’d love to be the person you can come to and offer any advice I have! I also love to bake cookies, cupcakes, and brownies. I don’t cook much yet but that’s something I really want to get into!

Ideal roommate

I’d want my ideal roommate(s) to be female and friendly but also someone who respects her roommate’s personal space. I’d like them to be clean and responsible – clean in that they make sure to clean up after using our shared spaces. To be more specific, If they cook in the kitchen, just making sure they clean the counters so that the next person can use them. I don’t mind dishes in the sink overnight but for more than 2 days may be a problem. Someone who throws the trash away. If we share a bathroom then someone who flushes and keeps the toilet seat down (haha) and wipes down the sink area if it’s wet. I’ll make sure to keep shared spaces clean on my end also. Also someone who is willing to split chores with me. I don’t mind having their friends over but if it’s all the time and very loud (bringing the party home), that might be a problem. Lastly, someone who isn’t dramatic but also someone who communicates and lets me know if I’m bothering them in any way or if I could do something better. Someone who will be okay with my family and friends coming in from out of town once in a while.

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