Hey, I’m Franchesca aka Franni, I’m 25 years old and 100% Dominican. I’m a full-time journalist and TV/video produce. I work from home M-F and my work hours range. They can be unconventional sometimes. I’m usually to myself, but when I’m feeling social I like to have friends over. I’m respectful, clean, creative and easygoing. I really appreciate organized and clean spaces and people that clean up after themselves. I like to cook (the basics), do yoga, meditate and listen to music and I’m really big on curly hair. I thrive off good vibes and energy. I absolutely love dogs! I’m also very pet friendly. Looking for a place where we feel comfortable being ourselves 100% of the time.

Roommate Perk

Perks: I’m reserved but approachable. I give good advice if needed!

Ideal roommate

Communication is really important to me. I want my roommates and I to be very comfortable, open and honest when approaching each other. I appreciate cleanliness but I’m not obsessive over it and I would love to establish a cleaning schedule. I have no problem sharing, but I would prefer if people ask prior to using my belongings.

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