I am originally from Haiti; I live in New Jersey.
I am a Patient Care Technician and work in the city. I am expected to go back to college this Fall Express.
The main reason of this moving is the commute and all the additional cost like the tolls, Parking tickets and so on. I am very friendly, pretty introvert, but definitely the good morning and cheerful coworker.

Roommate Perk

I am clean person, keep my room or the environment clean and tidy. I like a place with great sense, candle or home freshener. Most of my shift varies between 8 or 16 hours, I cook for the week because I come home late most of the time. I am a smoothie person, tea every morning. I am a sharable person and I like to know about other culture.

Ideal roommate

I am gay, I would prefer a gay friendly roommate, I do not bring party at home, although I have friends and they visit me quite often and I would like to keep it that way. My ideal roommate would be a respectful individual with value and culturally educate. I am a drama free person, I do not bother nobody, never been in any awkward situation. Better if my roommate would interest to workout. lol

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