My name is Gabriel and I’m a native New Yorker. I have tried living in Florida for 2 years a few years back but nothing is like NYC. I’m currently working as a sales agent with Affinity Health Plan but I am training to pursue a career with the FDNY. When I’m not working I like to take my dog on walks and riding my bike. I used to deliver for Postmates and still do from time to time. I also enjoy fishing, riding atv’s, gardening and anything outdoors really.

Roommate Perk

I’m really good at cooking. People always request dishes I’ve made before so they have to be telling the truth. I’m also very caring and understand that we all are different and have different opinions, wants and needs. So I’m very respectful of that. My dog is more of an emotional support dog and is very aware of how people feel.

Ideal roommate

I’m very easy going so I don’t “need” anything in a specific roommate. But I am big on communication so situations don’t get weird or awkward. Someone who’s all about good vibes and understanding makes living with roommates a lot easier.

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