I’m a 24 years old (i’m turning 25 next week) international student from Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Europe). I’ve been living in the US for almost 2 years. I was studying International Trade and Finance at LSU first, then transferred last summer to Pace University in downtown Manhattan to study Film making and Acting, because I want to become a Film maker, Actrice, Director, Producer everything all in one. My hobbies are watching a good tv show or telenovela with some red wine, shopping, dancing/singing, and writing. I used to dance Salsa at a dancing school back home. I also would perform Brazilian samba at the summer carnival in the Netherlands. I am multilingual. I speak 5 languages such as: Dutch(my native language), English, Portuguese(my mother tongue), Spanish and French. I speak Portuguese because my family is of Angolan (Portuguese colony) and Portuguese decent, and I speak Spanish because I grew up around hispanics and my mother tongue is similar to it. I unfortunately can’t do nothing with my hobbies due to the pandemic but I plan on picking that up once the pandemic is hopefully one day over.

Roommate Perk

I always cook and I always clean up my stuff when i’m done. I’m always home due to my classes being 100% online. It might change next semester, it depends on the pandemic situation. Besides online classes, i’m usually or practically always in my room watching a tv show. I like listening to music sometimes while cleaning or cooking. I never have guest because i’m new here in the city, so I don’t know anyone here yet, but if I do, my guests would barely come over. I always try to make sure that my roommates and I are on the same page, because I like for my living environment to have good and positive energy.

Ideal roommate

I’d like for my roommate(s) to clean up their stuff when they’re done in the kitchen or bathroom. I don’t mind if you leave something once or twice but it shouldn’t come to a point where I or the others have to clean up your mess every-time. I want roommates who communicate respectfully. If there is a problem, let’s talk about it as adults without being disrespectful so that we can come to a conclusion that benefits all of us. I don’t mind music, but just keep in mind that you’re not alone. We don’t have to be best friends, as long as we all can just get along and there are no bad blood between each other. No pettiness, drama or anything. If you want to use something that is mine, please ASK before using. I do not mind sharing, but you don’t know my situation, it could have been my last soda or whatsoever so please, just be respectful and ask before using.

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