Hello! I’m Grace 🙂 I currently live in the Bronx. I’m Dominican and Puerto Rican and speak Spanish. I am a full time student at Lehman College and will be graduating next year. I’m majoring in Psychology and doing a minor in Early Childhood Education. I want to pursue my masters in Speech Language Pathology. I also work full time as a special education assistant teacher for children 1-3. I’ve been teaching for about a year. My schedule is very busy because I go to school after work so I am rarely home. When I have down time, I enjoy spending time with my partner or simply spending time outside.

Roommate Perk

I’m rarely home and stick to myself. I try to be considerate of other people. But I am open to developing friendships with those I share space with.

Ideal roommate

Any gender. I would prefer a young adult who is going to school or working like myself. The individual just has to clean up after themselves and respect our shared space. I would prefer someone who sticks to themself but is generally friendly, understanding, and a good communicator.

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