I’m 24 years old. I’m originally from Westchester, NY, so I’ve been born and raised and living in NY my whole life. I went to Ithaca College for undergrad, double majoring in English and Psychology. I moved to NYC about 2 years ago because I was getting my Masters in Psychology. I currently work in the publishing industry as a production assistant. My work is in the Flatiron district. My schedule is pretty standard. My job is 9-5, I go to bed at 10pm on weekdays as much as possible. I spend a fair amount of time watching Netflix in my room or writing and drawing which I do when I can find time. On weekends I’m generally pretty chill. About half the time I’m away weekends, going to Connecticut or Westchester where my family is.

Roommate Perk

I guess I have a few #roommateperks. I love to cook and I also love sharing what I cook so I often make lots of food including fudge and homemade pies and giant pots of soup in winter. I also am very clean and tidy. I also get a TON of free books from work that I’m happy to bring home and share.

Ideal roommate

I’m pretty easy-going and I tend to get along with most people. The biggest thing for me in a roommate is respecting the common areas and contributing equally to common areas (keeping things relatively clean, general household chores, respecting each other’s space).

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