I’m from Phoenix,Az I’m 23 and pretty much lived my whole life out here. Im super laid back, chill, i like to mind my business, stay out the way and honestly keep to myself. Im a ambivert, like to be by myself but also can go out and be social. Im also content creator. Things i like to do for fun i love to workout, play basketball, be outside in nature and I enjoy reading and watching movies. I’m super organized and neat, like to be clean and presentable. Overall I’m a super cool guy and can get along with anyone!

Roommate Perk

I won’t be home as much. I like to connect with other content creators and I do have a friend that lives out there so I more than likely won’t be home as much.

Ideal roommate

someone who is down to earth, genuine, organized, clean. someone very chill and relaxed. I prefer men for roommates.

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