I’m 25, originally from Houston, Texas. I went to college in Arkansas and moved to the city in 2015. I work in recruiting at a digital marketing company and love my job. I’m a clean and respectful roommate and get along with everyone. I usually work 9-6, during the week I try to eat healthy, go to the gym and get to bed early. On the weekends I’m always down to have fun, go to restaurants, museums and explore the city! I’d love to be friends with my roommates but also have my own thing going on. I have an adorable Scottish fold cat named Watson and I’m obsessed with him. I’m looking for a good vibe and a positive apartment to come home to with supportive roomates!

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperks are that I’m  down to veg out and watch movies, down to go out and explore the city, quiet on weeknights is always a good thing, good listener, generally just positive, clean

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommates are female, mid twenties, cute, fun, outgoing, working professionals, independent, down to hang but also do our own things, people who clean up after themselves. I’m really just looking for chill people in the same phase of life!

dealbreakers: don’t want to live with guys, no couples, messy people, rude people, boring people, big dogs

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