My name is Hanif and I am from Newark, New Jersey. I am a new flight attendant for United Airlines. I just graduated from training a week ago. I also do fitness modeling as a side job. I am signed to two agencies. For fun I like to go to the gym, try different foods, go to amusement parks/arcades, hike, watch Netflix, travel, and hang with a few friends. No I do not have a pet but I am definitely open to getting one.

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk would be someone that is spontaneous and likes to have fun. A roommate that is clean and has courtesy is also very important. Respecting each other’s boundaries when it comes to things like our rooms, foods, cleaning, and more.

Ideal roommate

I am not too picky when it comes to roommates. I have had a roommate every year since 2018. I have lived in college dorms, a student apartment, a frat house, and a international apartment while studying abroad. When it comes to clean and quiet roommates versus loud and messy, I have lived with them all. Now that I am older, I do prefer roommates that are clean and quiet when need to be. However, I definitely a fan of kickbacks and blasting music. I would like to be on the same page with all roommates as we can all vibe hopefully. I do not have a preference when it comes to gender. A dealbreaker for me is someone that does not clean up after themselves.

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