I’m from Putnam County originally, and I moved to NYC for college five years ago. I studied film and I’m a full-time video editor for a pop culture YouTube channel. This means I work from home, but I work from a desk with headphones on in my room, so you’ll hardly know I’m there. I love to write and draw, hang out with my friends, play video games and occasionally D&D if we can get enough people together. I also cosplay for conventions like NYCC or AnimeNYC, as I like to sew/knit/embroider. I don’t currently have a pet but I would love to get a cat at some point (but it’s not a dealbreaker for me if that’s not in the cards for the next year or so).

Roommate Perk

I like to make baked goods and am always happy to share, and I’ll happily make you a cup of tea if you’re having a bad day/would just like one. I come with some plants and even when I’m not at work, I usually watch shows/listen to music with headphones on, so I’m pretty quiet.

Ideal roommate

I would prefer to live with at least one other woman. I would love to live with someone clean, responsible, and friendly–we don’t have to be best friends (although I’m open to it) but I’d love an occasional hang/dinner/movie night. My ideal roommate would be open to the idea of me getting a cat, but it’s not a dealbreaker if that’s not something you can tolerate. I’d love to work out a cleaning schedule/chip in for a cleaning service with roommates. I have progressive values and would love it if you did too. I’m totally fine with overnight guests/gatherings, just so long as it’s not every night and you’re not loud on week nights (and you know the people you are inviting over well).

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