I’m Heidy, a 26-year-old young professional, and I love plant-based food. My interests include reading, cooking, fashion, outdoors, cleaning, relaxing activities, coffee shops, museums, painting, and I’m an early bird by nature. I take pride in maintaining a clean and organized living space and am committed to sharing responsibilities with my roommates. I’m straight, but LGBTQ friendly, and compatible with pet owners.

Roommate Perk

My roommate perks are surprise treats, and doing small favors without being needed to ask.

Ideal roommate

When it comes to qualities I value in a roommate, I prioritize respect, communication, and friendliness. I prefer a balance of social interaction while still respecting each other’s privacy. Keeping our shared spaces clean is essential to me, and I believe in having a frequent bathroom cleaning schedule. While I don’t mind guests or overnight visitors, I ask for prior notice and prioritize safety. Quiet evenings after work are important to me, and I’m not comfortable with smoking, loud parties, or heavy drinking in our living space. Based on my positive previous roommate experiences, communication and shared responsibility for chores have been key to our harmonious living arrangement.

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