My name’s Ian, and I’m an 18 (19 in October) year-old college student, studying Architecture at CUNY City College. I love to draw, game, go on hikes, and walk around different neighborhoods and parks in New York. I’m originally from California, but have lived in 7 countries throughout my life, so I love travelling, meeting new people, and adapting to new places!

I currently work at the Gap up in Larchmont, and plan to continue working with the brand at a store in Manhattan.

Roommate Perk

I can always tell you when there’s good deals on clothes at work, am a creative person, and can take great photos for your Instagram.

Ideal roommate

I’m pretty open to whoever, and don’t care about gender. I prefer roommates who are generally clean, or at least can keep the communal spaces presentable, but I don’t expect or need anyone to be spotless. My one concrete request in a roommate is that they are LGBTQ+ friendly.

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