I grew up in the neighborhood that I live in now. I’ve worked in Manhattan, Brooklyn and currently the Bronx as a licensed massage therapist since 2016, being my first job at 19 years old up to now. I’m pretty mellow on my down time, so the things I like to do include reading, meditating, walking or hanging out in parks, I love to watch throwback cartoons (throwback for me is around 2000-2007) and anything that makes me laugh. I’m a vegetarian, I’m moderately picky about what I eat but only for my health.

Roommate Perk

– I’m a professional massage therapist, there’s a chance I could offer you a quick soothing touch if you need it
– I’m rather quiet so you won’t need to worry about me being overbearing
– Although I may be shy to some at first I actually think I have a great sense of humor
– I never get sick

Ideal roommate

Gender doesn’t affect me, personality wouldn’t affect me for the most part, I just ask that we’re all considerate to others. Clean up after ourselves, don’t use/take something that isn’t yours, no loud music or TV when people are trying to sleep, and no cigarettes indoors.

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