I’m originally from Dallas, Texas. I moved to New York this past August for graduate school, fully planning on never leaving. I’m a master’s student at NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts studying Art History and planning on getting my PhD next so studying is most of my life. In my free time, I’m probably reading, watching movies or exploring the city. I love finding good happy hours and grabbing dinner/brunch out in the city. When it’s not pandemic times I also love baseball, broadway shows and concerts (my favorite genre is singer/songwriter, and yes Taylor Swift is the queen).

Roommate Perk

Number one roommate perk is my baking skills, especially cheesecakes. I make my brother one for his birthday every single year, so I have lots of practice. Also, I come from a big family and am super used to living with other people, sharing chores, communicating about all the little details that make living with people easier. I love having roommates and have lots of good living experiences under my belt.

Ideal roommate

Ideally, my roommates are female, relatively clean (especially in common areas, the one thing that drives me crazy is dirty dishes left in the sink for more than a few hours) and open to getting to know one another as well as living together. I’d love to just chill out together or go grab food as roomies, making friends during the pandemic has been rough so I’d love to be friends with the people I’m living with!

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