I am from the Bronx, however, practically was raised in Harlem. I resided and came home to a place to lay my head in the Bronx, however, always went to the school in the Bronx, always hung out in Harlem, and stayed with family in Harlem. I’m currently a flight attendant with Delta Airline Connections called Endeavor Air. It’s been surreal, so now I’m working toward getting my pilot license because I want a better view of the skies. I have a passion for fashion and extremely close to energy and connectivity. I also create crystal necklaces and design clothes while off duty!

Roommate Perk

Best thing about me is that you can get the best of both worlds. I’m never really home due to flying constantly, however, when I am home, I’m to myself and out of the way. In addition, I’m extremely friendly and clean! So the times I am home, we can have a great conversation, a clean bathroom and clean kitchen! If the kitchen remains clean, you’ll find on my off days offering home cooked meals because I love to cook! Before being a flight attendant, I was a chef working near the Soho area. I miss working in the kitchen immensely, so I try to still share that passion with the people I live with as if it was still the kitchen at work!

Ideal roommate

I would like my ideal roommate to be clean. I would like the bathroom to be well kept as well as the kitchen. I think those are the most important places to keep clean because of hygiene and sanitation!

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