Hey guyzzzz!! My name is Jai’Quin, I’m from Harlem, and I would describe myself as someone who is firstly open, creative, motivated, and most of all unique. I’m a twenty- year old artist who doesn’t set limits when it comes to the freedom of my craft. Dance. I am an professional dancer in which I’m a helping hand to students in and out of the dance company I work with now (SUDC), while still working and training within myself, always having something new to bring to the table. With all this being said I’m most importantly branching out to continue this discovery of myself as a young black woman, and this thing called life !

Roommate Perk

My roommate perks include someone whose always just throwing advice at me from experience, they are great communicators, if they are into the healthy life (fitness/vegan), they smoke weed, not home so much, and responsible!

Ideal roommate

Id prefer to live with mostly females, I dont mind gay men, really clean , and doesnt have problem working as a team when it comes to the apartment !

Apartment applying for