My name’s James, I am a 25 year old professional currently working from home. I grew up on the east end of Long Island and lived their until college. Right now, I’m working from home in CRM management for a financial firm, but normally go into the office daily. When I’m not working, I like to workout, cook, and play video games with friends online. When things aren’t shutdown due to COVID, I go out with friends or have a couple people over. I don’t have any pets but love most animals and have no problem with them.

Roommate Perk

I’m a good cook and will be coming with a full set of kitchenware and then some. I meal-prep for work on most weekends and can help anyone interested in learning how. I also like to bake and am happy to share whatever results from it.

Ideal roommate

An ideal roommate is anyone friendly/chill of any gender in their mid twenties. I would prefer if we had similar work schedules just so no one steps on each others toes with timing. I don’t mind if people are messy as long as its within their own room and they clean up after themselves in the shared spaces. My only deal breaker would be a major age gap. I’d like to live with people around my age.

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