Hello! My name is Jim, and I just moved to the Greater New York area about a month ago! I was born in Southern Spain and have lived between Europe and the US all my life– finally moving to NY from Portland, OR to study Fashion Design at New York’s FIT. My work experience lies in luxury retail, and I’ve been working for several Fashion boutiques like Scotch & Soda (my current job) for a few years! I’m very passionate about my craft and am continuously using my sewing machine to alter or make clothing of my own. Self expression is super important to me especially through clothing, so you’ll often catch me challenging conventional gender norms via my fashion sense and cycling through different looks and overall having a ton of fun with it! I’m also an avid photographer and love to spend my time writing and cooking– I can also make a dang good playlist!

Roommate Perk

My #1 quirk is that I’m very quiet! I have a deep respect and understanding of personal space and value my roommate’s serenity– the most you’ll hear of me is if I’m sewing away on a project, but my sewing machine is relatively quiet! I’m also very obsessed with order and cleanliness around me and have a high standard for my personal and spacial hygiene. I have no issue with washing dishes or cleaning around the home and love the idea of creating a chore schedule with my future roommates to help out as much as possible. I’m a bit of an ambivert as well, so I’m a healthy mix of needing space and being healthily social when need be. But to cut to the chase I love to cook and make really yummy Spanish dishes– which is a solid plus if you ask me!

Ideal roommate

I would ideally love to live with other creatives and be inspired by my roommates, but as long as they’re nice that’s all that counts! All genders welcome. I do love cleanliness so that’s really my one condition!

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