Born & raised on Long Island, did my bA in (very) upstate New York, and lived in London for 2 years pursuing my masters. I have a BA in Dance with minors in English Literature and Design & Production. My MFA is in Choreography. Presently, I work as the Theater Manager at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center. It is sort of a mix between Arts Administration and Technical Theater. I’m actually really lucky that 90% of the time I love my job. I also freelance as a Lighting Designer when I can. Choreography is my passion so I hope to get back into the studio myself to make some new work soon! In my free time I enjoy seeing live theater and dance, cooking and baking, travel, reading, some solid netflix binging, going out for a drink and dancing, going out to eat, playing around with my Nikon, and listening to my vinyls. I’m very passionate about the environment and try my best to make environmentally conscious choices in my home, including reusable alternatives and natural cleaning products – if the roomie is down, of course – but you can bet I will be very into recycling! I have very strong progressive and liberal values and prefer to live with people who feel the same way. Truthfully, I don’t think I’m physically capable of living with a Trump supporter/sympathizer. The closer I am to someone in political beliefs, the better. I’m clean and appreciate the same in whoever I am living with. I’m not a crazy person, I’ll still leave a pot to “soak” in the sink here and there, but I don’t leave my mess for others to clean up and always make sure my apartment feels like a clean home! I hope to be able to be good friends with whoever I live with and doing cute things like movies and taco night together. However, I also appreciate someone who understands that sometimes I just need to close my door, eat dinner in there, and not talk to anyone after a particularly bad day at work (rare, but it happens).

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is I love to cook & bake and my roommates always get to be my taste testers! I’m also getting more into photography so if I ever need to practice I could be supplying some seriously solid new Tinder photos for roommates!

Ideal roommate

Female, non binary, or non-cis/het male, but truly I’m down for anything if its a good fit. Clean but not so obsessive that it is absurd. Someone who wants to be friends and hang out but also appreciates their/their roommates alone time. Someone friendly, warm, progressive, funny, light-hearted.

Deal breakers: messy/dirty, irresponsible, conservative-valued, close-minded, mean, drama-causing, overly-clingy, has a live in partner who literally never ever leaves, ever, someone who doesn’t understand having friends over or out of town guests staying, someone who neverrrr ever goes out for a late night

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