I was raised in Central Jersey until 25 years old, and came to NYC in 2018. I have lived in 4 different areas. My first room was in Corona, Queens where there is a big Mexican and Asian population. Then I moved to Jackson Heights (which is pretty much little Colombia (the country where I was born)). Afterwards I then moved toward Long Island City which I adored even more because of its varieties of food, cultures, and small businesses of all sorts. My favorite activities is going to any kind of park where I can socialize with people and either play sports and enjoy nature together. I currently work for a recycling company called Stericycle as a Dispatcher. I work in an office environment where i make sure all of the drivers pick up any medical waste properly and on time.

Roommate Perk

I have a lot of roommate perks. First and foremost, I respect everyone’s space and time especially in such delicate times. I am an average vegan cook, and usually tend to eat mostly outside the apartment. I am very clean and tidy when picking up after myself and my best skill asset would probably be motivating and encouraging roommates to continue fighting for their dreams.

Ideal roommate

I am extremely open minded and understand the reasoning to why people are the way they are. I like to lead by example in all sorts of areas like cleanliness and respecting each others privacy.

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