I am 27, a wonderful Virgo woman from Oakland CA! I am a professional actress working my way up the industry ladder year after year, which i am so proud of. I am in the process of getting into Juilliard to further enhance my skills and continue to fulfill my passions. I originally moved to NY, November of 2019 and my amazing experience was very short lived as Covid took over.

Roommate Perk

I loooove to cook, and i mean REALLY cook big meals. I love wine so i usually have a few bottles around the house. I also am very clean and love my privacy lol so you wouldnt know i am there.

Ideal roommate

I’d say my ideal roommate would definitely need to be considerate of the others in the house. Keeping the shared spaces clean and being mindful of noise during super early or late hours is very important to me (i love my sleep lol) Id also love to be able to mix and mingle and have some sort of relationship with the person i’m living with. Be able to enjoy each others company! Maturity and responsibility is a must. I don’t have a male or female preference.

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