I am from Long Island originally, a little town called Water Mill way out east. I went to undergrad upstate near Rochester at SUNY Geneseo, then grad school at Brandeis in Massachusetts. I was working at UNDP in midtown and commuting from Astoria after grad school. I then moved to southern Maine where I’ve been since April. I’m planning on this being my last move for a while!! I love to do anything outdoors, going for especially long walks, gardening, playing with plants. I also love to cook and love cooking for others! I do go out with friends occasionally. And if I’m staying in, I’m hanging with my cat, Tuna.

Roommate Perk

I am very easy going. If you’re the kind of person that likes having people over, that’s great! If you’re an introvert, also great! I definitely tend to be quiet and keep to myself, but I have lots of friends & family in the NY area so it’s nice to have a mix of quiet nights and fun nights. I’m big on truly open, honest communication so as long as that’s happening it’ll all be good with me!

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommate would be a 20/30 year old professional. I have no preference for any particular gender/sexuality. It’d be nice to have roomies that are also laid back with a tendency towards the quiet side, but again a complete extrovert would not be a deal breaker. I would say I am an average level of neat/clean. I very much prefer and appreciate clean a kitchen and bathroom, but I might let my bedroom get a little messy during a busy work week. Only foreseeable deal breaker would be taking or borrowing things without permission, I’m laid back but not a pushover so just ask before you use my conditioner or something! 🙂

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