Hi everyone! I’m Jenna from Poughkeepsie, NY and I just enrolled in City College for the fall semester to start my B.S. in Geology. I am so excited to start this new chapter and finally live in the city! I would describe myself as caring, fun loving, silly and optimistic. I am very open and accepting to those who treat me with the respect that I give them. Treating others the way you want to be treated is the motto I live by and hope whoever I room with feels the same. Being a student I’m always tired so my hobbies include sleeping when I can while watching Hulu, finding the best food spots and going out dancing when I have enough energy! Living upstate, hiking and going on nature walks to identify local flora are also somethings I love to do.

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk would be that I am very easy going but I do like to keep a clean environment around me so I can think clearly. As long as I am not behind on schoolwork or late for work, I will organize and clean. I am gluten and dairy free (not by choice) so I always have healthy meals on standby and my love language is making food for people especially if they had a rough day. I don’t take hour long showers everyday which is also a plus. Maybe once or twice a week I’ll take longer but I usually shower at night.

Ideal roommate

When I think about what I look for in a roommate, I do not mind if it is co-ed as long as they are considerate. Being considerate would mean picking up after themselves when they can, not being too loud on weeknights, and not smoking cigarettes in the apartment.

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