My name is Jerrick. I am originally from California, but recently relocated to NYC. I work in digital marketing as a designer/creative. Outside of my work hours, I like to stay active in the gym. On weekends, I like to spend time with my girlfriend. I don’t have too many hobbies haha. Some of the things that I like to do include watching movies, listening to music, and meet up with friends. I don’t have any pets, but I am a dog lover. Overall, I am pretty chill and laid back.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I like to keep a clean and organized living environment. Am I neat freak? Not at all. We can all be messy at times. It happens. But I like to clean up after my mess so that others won’t be inconvenienced. I am also good at adapting to other people’s personalities. If you’re the friendly type, I can be friendly to you. If you are more reserved and private, I will respect your privacy. Last but not least, I pay rent on time.

Ideal roommate

I don’t have a preference in gender when it comes to roommates as long as they are clean, considerate of other roommates, keep the noise level in check, and pay on time. I prefer to live with people around my age (mid 20s – 30s), although it won’t be a dealbreaker to have someone that’s a bit out of that range. Having overnight guests is fine with me as long as it’s not so often that it begins to feel like we’re living with an extra roommate. As much as I love animals, I prefer not to have any in the apartment.

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