I am 23 years old and originally from Buffalo, NY. I moved to NYC for a better job opportunity and to be closer to my friends. I went to college back in Buffalo for Biology and Veterinary Technology – I graduated last year. I recently started a job at an animal hospital called the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center; I am a full time surgery assistant and I love It so far! It’s honestly amazing and way different from any animal hospital I’ve ever worked at. I have one fur baby (cat) named Stella – she is a year and 6 months old and she is super sweet. She is my girl and loves to cuddle and watch YouTube videos with me in my bedroom. During my free time I like to explore new restaurants/grab drinks, watch Netflix, travel, read books and hang out with my friends. I am a virgo so i’m very organized and rely on a lot of caffeine every day! I have loved exploring the city so far and I am looking forward to meeting new people! I am also introverted at times, It just depends on the day.

Roommate Perk

I love to clean – it’s unusual I know! I honestly just enjoy living in a tidy (personal) space. I don’t mind messes in shared spaces or if other roommates aren’t as fond of cleaning, we’re all human and I get It. If anything gets too dirty you will find me happily cleaning It no questions asked lol. I also love to cook/bake and look up new recipes, that is something I’ve really gotten into during these last couple of years.

Ideal roommate

I do not have any deal breakers when It comes to roommates. My ideal roommate(s) are respectful of personal space and nice overall. Perks if you don’t mind living with a cat 🙂
(I make sure my cats food/litter area is clean and she would mainly stay in my room)

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