A little about myself: I’m a hospitality management student from Switzerland (but have dual citizenship as my mom is from Michigan originally), and I’m going to be doing my second internship in a hotel in Tribeca as part of my studies. I’ve lived in NYC on and off since 2018, and my last stint was for a little over a year on the UWS (73rd and Columbus). I’m a very clean and organized person and love to cook and bake, but I also like to go out for drinks and check out new restaurants and activities in the city. I would want to be social with my roommates if they are up for it, but of course, will respect everybody’s social battery as I know work/studies can be draining. Also, I love a good bottomless brunch or a netflix binge session.

Roommate Perk

I love to bake so if someone tells me their favorite type of pastry or cookie I will lock that info away and just surprise the person with it one day. I’m also a constant tidier (if that’s a word?) and go around the common areas tidiying things up and making sure everybodies belongings are where they should be and don’t get lost. I’m also always down for an adveture so if there is a new restaurant or activity you’ve been dying to try/do I’ll be the first person to say yes.

Ideal roommate

I’m hoping to live with people who have the same sense of cleanliness as me. The apartement doesn’t have to be spotless just general tidiness and order would be great. For example dirty dishes are fine in the sink (better in the dishwasher) but just not spread out all over the apartment. My pet peaves is hair on the bathroom floor or caught in the drain net and not removed by the person the hair belongs to.

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