Looking to live in the 850 room. I’m 25, originally from Boston, I’m an actor working a lot of odd jobs around the city–420 and LGBT friendly, and pet friendly as well so long as it doesn’t shed or make too much noise. I’m always down for Netflix and I love exploring the city 🙂

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I’m extremely laid back. I also have some excellent board games, I’m great to talk to (and an excellent listener), I don’t have a long-term boyfriend that never leaves, I don’t blast music and I take out the trash promptly. I also have a lot of furniture in storage. I am a very effective communicator and don’t ever get passive aggressive OR aggressive in general, and I’m reasonably clean in common areas.

Ideal roommate

I’m looking for a chill and fun vibe, people who want to make the home a home and at least clean up after themselves on a basic level (so that we don’t get roaches/mice) but are not OCD neat freaks (I probably couldn’t live with a super-serious, humorless neat freak). Ideally people I can hang out with for game nights/movie nights, and are down for good conversation and don’t want to live like strangers. My one deal breaker is a live-in long term significant other– I’m not going to live in an apartment that sounds like a brothel or pay for utilities I didn’t use. It would also be nice to live with people who have shared apartments before.

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