Proudly from Long Island, New York. I’m a junior at Baruch College (studying political science/history) and an incoming ROTC Cadet at City College. I am in the Army National Guard, intern for a Long Island congressman, and work a few part time waitering jobs. I go to Church every Sunday and enjoy weight lifting, history, politics, partying, watching movies, listening to music (mostly rock/rap), and exploring new things. I like new experiences and doing anything that will get me out of the house. After college I plan to go active duty army.

Roommate Perk

Willing to go out and do something fun

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommate would be male, sociable person, athlete/weight-lifter, not totally messy, and someone in their 20’s (preferably a student). I don’t mind having people over as long as it’s not outrageously late and there’s school/work in the morning.

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