I’m originally from small town Illinois and made my way to NYC by way of Florida and Hong Kong. I have a work from home position with lululemon’s Guest Education Centre. I love music, nature, being active, traveling, design/architecture, and learning about different cultures. Basically taking in the world around me as an eternal student. No pets here, but my family has two cute little chihuahuas. Part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Roommate Perk

Most of the time I stay pretty quiet and to myself to the point that if I’m in my room you’d wonder if I’m there at all. I love creating an environment where everyone has space to be themselves. I’m very mindful of others and their needs. I do sing, so there will be times when I’ll need to rehearse, but it’s far from an all day, every day situation.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate situation would be someone who also likes to keep shared spaces clean by cleaning up after themselves and returning things to the way they were or better than they found them. A pleasant person who I could share a nice conversation with and feel at ease but who is equally comfortable if we don’t always talk. Cleanliness is a major for me, and I’d lean towards a quieter roommate. Someone who feels comfortable clearly communicating their feelings, likes, and dislikes so that we can make space for each other without letting any issues fester and affect the living environment. Given the current climate, I’d also love it if the roommates took the pandemic seriously and were fine not hosting gatherings in the apartment for the time being. All of these things would be reciprocated, of course.

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