I’m finished my 5th term full-time student @ BMCC (BOROUGHS of MANHATTAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE) (RECENT GRADUATE w Associates Degree) looking to start my next [Pending due to Covid biohazard].
I’m Fully Vaccinated: 4/10/21 – Pfizer biotech, 5/8/21 – Pfizer biotech.
I’m straight, but I don’t mind nor judge others’ sexual orientation. I’m alright w ppl @ the age range of between 20 and 42 years old. I don’t mind couples, *hopefully with no kids though.
I love music, new things, parkour going out. So I’m looking to room with other students &/or I can compromise if the room’s within my budget.

Roommate Perk

I cook, & can help out w the cleaning on occasion when I get back.

Ideal roommate

I’m adaptable.
I don’t mind what their sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, occupational or edu status is.

I DO NOT want to live with any1 affiliated with deranged nazis/white supremacist racist lunatics/terrorists. It won’t be good nor safe for anybody individual with their presence.

Apartment applying for