I am originally from Scarsdale, New York and I attended Villanova University (graduated in 2018). I currently work at KPMG in their tax automation practice. I enjoy both listening to and playing music; I play trombone in a brass band on weekends (I do not practice in the apartment!) and I enjoy discovering new artists in my spare time. My other hobbies include exercising and playing video games. On weekends, in non-COVID times, I volunteer with high school students, but otherwise am open to hanging out and exploring the city. I do not personally own pets and am unfortunately allergic to cats, but am open to other kinds of pets. I am currently aiming for an October move-in.

Roommate Perk

I am a good listener and open to becoming good friends with my roommates. I also enjoy cooking frequently, and enjoy cooking/baking new recipes with roommates. I also enjoy sharing interests such as music and TV shows with others, and am always down for a good-spirited debate on those topics.

Ideal roommate

I would prefer male roommates, but am open to female roommates as well. I try to clean roughly weekly and would like roommates that aspire to a similar level of cleanliness. I also advocate for open communication of problems between roommates, so there is no resentment that forms. Similar interests/hobbies would be a plus. The only dealbreaker for me would be (IN NON-COVID19 TIMES) roommates not being okay with overnight guests; I have a girlfriend that I would like to be able to have stay over on occasion.

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