Here’s a bit about me:

-My budget is $800-$1100 a month for my share
– I don’t have a pet but I’d be open to having one in the apartment
– I don’t smoke (tobacco)
– Very rarely I’ll hit a weed pen or bowl but I wouldn’t really say I’m 420 friendly
– I consider myself a social drinker but I don’t like to drink at home
– I’m a night owl 🦉 (although I keep to myself at night)
– I’m Latino and speak both English and Spanish! (Dominican & Honduran)
– I was born and raised in NYC and I currently live in Washington Heights
– I’m really easygoing, friendly, and I love deep and thoughtful conversations
– I’m definitely a homebody and my home is like my sanctuary (but I like going out here and then too!)
– I’m an INFP (if you know what that means)
– I’m single and don’t plan on having people over often other than maybe a friend or two every once in a while
– I appreciate people who carry good energy and I try my best to always embody that myself
– I know how to clean and I’m pretty good at keeping my areas clean and organized as well
– I’m not the greatest cook 👨‍🍳 but I know the basics and I definitely want to learn more dishes!
– I like to eat and live healthily, I also like to exercise and go on long walks to watch the sunset
– I currently have been laid off with pay but when I go back to work in a couple of weeks, I’ll be commuting to Hudson Square
– I love the world of business, the financial markets, and marketing/advertising

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk is that I’m really understanding, chill, I’m a good listener and a communicator. If you need someone to help you sort through some tough shit you’re going through I’m your guy! I’m not at by any means a therapist but I do a lot of self-work. I know a lot from my own journey with mental health and tackling this crazy world. I’d rather all my roommates be doing well and all of us connect well with each other. If I can help with that, it’d be my pleasure. Nothing feels better than that =)

Ideal roommate

What I’m looking for in a roommate:
– Someone who is chill and understanding, communicative, considerate, etc.
– Doesn’t mind helping out to keep the place clean
– I’d like to be friends with my roommate(s) 😁
– I’ve lived with both guys and girls and have no preference (I grew up with my sis and I went away to boarding school where I lived with up to 7 other boys at once)
– I’m okay with people coming over and staying the night as long as it doesn’t interfere with what I need to do (and it doesn’t become an extra roommate slowly)
– I’m an aspiring life coach, and it would be dope if I lived with another entrepreneur to bounce ideas off of or motivate each other/keep each other accountable
– It’s okay if you like to drink or smoke weed as long as you don’t bring it home
– I can’t live with someone who takes any drugs other than weed
– If you smoke tobacco that’s a deal breaker

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