Originally from Sacramento CA , I went to school out in westchester ny. I’m a huge theatre person and that’s one of The reason I am coming back to New York. I have worked in customer service for the past 4 years and i plan to do that in New York as well.

Roommate Perk

I don’t mind quit and respectful people over whenever you would like. The more the better. Also I tend to keep to myself but am always down help out / hang out when needed. I am a night owl so I may be out late some night but I don’t plan on bring the party home typically. Lgbtq+ friendly

Ideal roommate

I don’t mind the genders as long as they are respectful of people space. As long as they keep things neat and tidy I am okay with that cleanliness level. Someone who has open communication with any issues that might come. Lgbtq+ friendly

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